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Data Provenance + Data Integrity = Better AI Models

As more businesses use AI to remain competitive, the need for tamper-proof data sources become more paramount.

We also reduce the security payload by 30X! Having smaller data packets can lead to significant battery savings for IoT devices while lowering operating costs and being more secure.

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Using our patent-pending technology, we are able to help companies send data securely without being subject to tampering and manipulation.


Our hardware technology is agnostic to operating systems and run-time environments.

IP Portfolio

We have a patent-pending technology that has PCT status and are also applying for subsequent patents.

Academia Support

We are woking with worldwide research institutions to enhance our product offerings and hyper-accelerate adoption.

Smaller Security Payload

Our encryption protocol is 30X smaller than regular Transport Layer Security (TLS) making it cheaper to operate and battery efficient for IoT devices

AI-Based Hardware

Our goal is to create AI-based hardware security products to create adaptive security agents to help thwart attacks by analyzing attack signals.

Our Solutions

We are experts in providing data integrity solutions

Advanced Tech

Using our patented technology, you can have peace of mind that your valuable assets are protected 24-7.

IoT Sensors

Our technology is an "additive" to your existing sensor ecosystem, we will soon have our SDK to help you harness the power or LUNA.

Data Provenance

Given the rise and importance of AI for many businesses, you need qualified data streams to make sure that the models that are created come from credible data sources.

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